Flag Football Charlotte, Individuals only $55. QCFFL has been part of Flag Football for over 25 years. We all have the love for the game and want to help you whether you are an experienced or just a new team starting out. This game is still about service as well as good play. We have 7 on 7 mens, 5 Man, 8 on 8 contact, 8 vs. 8 Coed,  kickoffs, punts, and now field goals. Screen flag rules are nirsa and 
all contact rules are USFTL. All are as close to real football as you can get! Screen flag football leagues are played on Sunday afternoons, Or Tuesday nights. 5 & 8 man contact are on Sundays only and you pick the time frame that best suits your team. (Sun: 11-1pm, 1-4pm, 3-6pm)

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       43 Teams Strong in the League!

Welcome to Queen City Flag Football League
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Queen City's Top 10
Next Leagues Starting

Tuesday:7 Man - Feb 18th, 2020 (12 Teams)  
Sunday:7 Man - March 8th, 2020 (16 Teams)
Sunday:8 Man - Mar 8th, 2020  (12 Teams)  

Charlotte Leagues
All Sunday leagues will be in Charlotte NC  
Fields are about 1 mile from the Panthers Stadium
Pineville South League
The Tues & Thurs league will be in Pineville NC  
Fields are 1 mile from the Carolina Place Mall
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7 Man
1-Ryde Out SC
3-Suicide Squad
5-Easy Money
6-Buzz City Hornet
9-Wankanda Bad
10-Most Hated SC
Queen City's Top 10

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QCFFL Champions
2019-Fall ---- 
2019-Summer-Sun Schooled
2019-Spring -Blue Chips     
2018-Fall - Ryde Out
2018-Spring -Suicide Squad
2017-Fall ----Suicide Squad
2017-Spring- Royal Flush  
2016-Winter   -Suicide Squad
2016-Fall ---- Fruition
2016-Summer-QC Elite
2016-Spring   -Suicide Squad
2015-Winter   -Ryde Out
2015-Fall ---- Royal Flush
2015-Summer-QC Jaguars
2015-Spring- Royal Flush  
2014-Winter   -QC Elite
2014-Fall ---- Fruition*
2014-Spring   -Sun Schooled*
2013-Winter   -Fruition
2013-Fall      -Violators
2013-Spring -Violators        
2012-Winter -Undisputed
2012 Fall-      Fruition      
2012-Summer-Fifty 1ders
2012-Spring -Violators        
2011-Winter -Fruition
2011 Fall-      Violators
2011-Spring -Ruckus__      
2010-Winter -After Party
2010-Fall      -Violators
2010-Spring -Ruckus__      2009-Winter -Violators
2009-Fall      -Bugs
2009-Spring -Violators

8 Man
2018 Fall - Carolina Cert  
2018 Spr - QC Bulls           
2017 Fall - Eight64Eight03
2017-Spr  -Eight64Eight03
2016-Fall  -Car Bulldawgs
2016-Spr  -Eight64Eight03
2015-Fall  -Eight64Eight03
9 Man
2015-Spr  - New Era      2014-Fall  -Sygma
2014-Spr  -Sygma
2013-Fall  -New Era
2013-Spr  -Eliminators
2011-Fall  -Collectors
2011-Sum-Carolina Show
2011-Spr  -Carolina Show
2010-Fall  -Carolina Show
2010-Spr  -Carolina Show
2009-Fall  -Main Event
2009-Spr  -Main Event___
2008-Fall  -New Era
2008-Spr  -New Era_____
2007-Fall  -All Stars
2007-Spr  -Excalibur
1998-Fall -Westside 11-1  
QCFFL Champions
8 Man
1-Carolina Cert
2-Money Wildcats
5-Buzz City Horn
6-QC Bulls
9-NC Bombsquad
10-Scotts Knights
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5 Man
1-Carolina Certified
2-QC Bulls
3-Stick Of Butter
4-Buzz City Hornets
5-Ryde Out
6-Legend of Doom
7-Red Mamba
8-QC Hornets